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Whether they are meat eaters or vegetarians, there are many people who eat eggs every day, and laying hens are forced to keep feeding them for human consumption.

If a chicken lays eggs, it is like a mother giving birth to a child, and the small vagina must be stretched it is very open, and then let an object several times larger be squeezed out, it must be very, very painful!

Our human mothers only give birth to 1-3 children in a lifetime, while laying hens have to lay 3,000 eggs a year, and may lay 500-700 eggs in a lifetime. I believe that mothers still remember how painful and painful it is to have a baby! Laying hens will be locked up in iron cages for a lifetime and forced to lay eggs for people who love eggs.

Think about it, it should be several times more painful than mothers giving birth! And when they stop laying eggs, they have to be slaughtered as second-class meat to make chicken nuggets, chicken chops, and salty crispy chicken.

It's really tragic enough!


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