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【JASPAT International】Charity Event and Lucky Draw to giveaway 3️⃣ Red Packets 🧧worth RM999 each.

On 29/10/2023, 【JASPAT International】in collaboration with the Welfare Department of Kedah and 7 rural primary schools, held a significant 《EggNot》charity event at 11 AM.

【JASPAT International】contributed 3️⃣ red packets 🧧 worth RM999 each to those lucky draw participants, with a total of RM2997.

Additionally, Singapore headquarters also made a charitable fund contribution at a 1:1 ratio to the educational institutions, benefiting 7 schools and 1782 students:

1. SK Permatang Gunong

2. SJK (C) Boon Hwa

3. SK Alor Janggus

4. SK Kubang Teduh

5. SK Kota Rentang

6. SK Sri Gunung

7. SJK (T) Thiruvalluvar

The charity fund mainly supports the"Program C.O.M.E.L" together planned by each of the schools.

C.O.M.E.L stands for “Community Opportunity Management Excellent Legacy”

This program aims at enhancing school facilities, acquiring educational materials, addressing students' issues, and fostering character development for a brighter national future, which is well aligned with【JASPAT International】's Vision, Mission, and Sharity Programmes.



~ Equally distribute all resources and opportunities.

~ Regardless of Race, Religious Belief, Nationality, Gender, Social Status.

Undivided Compassionate Care, Selfless Love, Divergent Spiritual Understanding, Racial Justice, Gender Equality and Social Harmony.


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